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                            List of the most prominent dogs of Von Friedheck Kennels


From the matings of : In Chronological order

Larry von der Burgh Lohenhof VDH/KFT-2522 and Quirly von der Burgh Lohenhof VDH/KFT-2523 came Anja von Friedheck-2524 and Assya von Friedheck-2525

Larry von der Burgh Lohenhof VDH/KFT 2522 and Quirly von der Burg Lohenhof VDH/KFT-2523 came Bonny von Friedheck VDH/KFT 3044 

CH Tyrone of Redworrah-KCR 110855/68 and Anja von Friedheck VDH/KFT-2524 came Eyk von Friedheck-3994,Eylin von Friedheck-3995 and Eev von Friedheck-3996 born 02/06/1974

Streamglen Merry Monarch VDH/KFT-4274  and Assya von Friedheck VDH/KFT-2525 came Fanny Boy von Friedheck-4269,Fila von Friedheck-4270, Fey von Friedheck-4271, Fru-Fru von Friedheck-4272 and Fitschy von Friedheck-4273 born 7/24/1974

CH. Larry v.d. Burg Lohenhof VDH/KFT-2522 and  Streamglen Enchantress VDH/KFT-4279 came  Gary von Friedheck-4275, Gerard von Friedheck-4276, Graziella von Friedheck-4277 and Griselda von Friedheck-4278 born 08/08/1974. 

Streamglen Richard VDH/KFT-4554 and Bonny Von Friedheck KFT 3044 came  Itschya-4555, Irsa-4556 and   Iwy Von Friedheck VDH/KFT-4557 born 10-01-1974

Streamglen Richard-4554 and Anja Von Friedheck-VDH/KFT-2524 came Jo-Jo von Friedheck-4558, Jessika Von Friedheck-4557 and Jo-Sha Von Friedheck-4559  born 10/11/1974  

Streamglen Richard VDH/KFT-4554 and Streamglen Flora VDH/KFT-4977 came Muccu Von Friedheck born 1975 VDH/KFT-5116

Streamglen Richard VDH/KFT-4554 and Quirly v.d. Burg Lohenhof VDH/KFT-2523 came


Nuccu von Friedheck-5117, Nadine von Friedheck-5118, Nakasoky von  Friedheck-5119 and Navanny von Friedheck-5120 born 4/10/1975 

Streamglen Richard VDH/KFT-4554 and Vadelle Dawn Princess VDH/KFT-5253 came Quicky von Friedheck-5254 born 5/10/1975

Richard and Anja von Friedheck VDH/KFT-2534 born 1970 came Tschi Tschi VDH/KFT-5906 Born 1976

Richard and Vadelle Olivia VDH/KFT-6907 came Mister Z von Friedheck-6908, Zi-Zi Von Friedheck VDH/KFT-6909and  Zu-Zu von Friedheck-6910 born: 5/16/1976

Richard VDH/KFT-4554- was bred to EEV  Friedheck KFT-3996 born 2/6/1974  came Kuss Von Friedheck-1977 VDH/KFT-7937

Richard and Graziella Von Friedheck born 1975 VDH/KFT-4277 came Quardi von Friedheck-1978 VDH/KFT-7993

Richard and Nadine Von Friedheck VDH/KFT-5118 came Eico-8062,Elfi-8063, EEV-8064 and Eyleen-8065 Born 4-17-1977

Larry v.d. Burg Lohenhof VDH/KFT-2522 and Vadelle Olivia VDH/KFT- 6907  came Mus-KFT-8082, Maus-8083 and Mauschen-8084  Born 3/10/1977

Richard and Vadelle Dawn Princess KFT-5253  came Princess Koala von Friedheck-4-1-1977 VDH/KFT-8085 and  Princess Fiona KFT-8086

Itschya Von Friedheck VDH/KFT-4555 and Streamglen Marion VDH/KFT-7241 came Ne-Ne-8087,Ni-Ni-8088,Na-Na-8089, No-No-8090 and Nu-Nu-8091 Born 4-2-1977

Quardi Von Friedheck-1978 VDH/KFT-7993 and Princess Koala Von Friedheck-4-1-77 VDH/KFT-8085 came  Dinie VonFriedheck-1979 VDH/KFT-11186

Muccu Von Friedheck VDH/KFT-5116 and Iwy Von Friedheck VDH/KFT-4557 came Darling Von Friedheck-1980 VDH/KFT-13000

Quardi VF VDH/KFT-7993 and Tschi Tschi- VDH/KFT-5906 came Fru Fru VF-1980 VDH/KFT- 13197

Diavolo du Dubarry LOL-15542  and  No-No V. Friedheck VDH/KFT-8090 came Natashcha-16661, Nanuck-16662 and Nanusch-16663 Born: 2/20/1982

Darling Von Friedheck-KFT-13000 and Streamglen Clarissa-KFT-9689 came O’Pedro VF-KFT-16664 and O’Belle-KFT-16665 Born: 3/2/1982

Kuss Von Friedheck VDH-KFT-7937 and Zi-Zi Von Friedheck-KFT-6909 came Diavolo VF-17834,Danny VF-17835, Domingo VF-17836 and Daisy VF-17837 born  01/06/1983

Darling Von Friedheck VDH/KFT-13000To Ilona Von Friedheck VDH/KFT-11594 came Olivia Von Friedheck VDH/KFT- 19009 and Otto Von Friedheck KFT-19008 Born: 10-15-1983

Darling Von Friedheck-KFT-13000 and Oh-Puppi Von Friedheck-KFT 9935 came Paulchen Von Friedheck-KFT19010,Peterchen Von Friedheck-KFT-19011,Pascale Von Friedheck-KFT-19012, Paola Von Friedheck-KFT-19013 and Petra Von Friedheck-KFT-19014 Born 10/24/1983

Darling von Friedheck-1980 VDH/KFT-13000 to Fru Fru Von Friedheck (born 1980)VDH/KFT-13197 came Sultan Von Friedheck VDH/KFT19359, Sascha Von Friedheck VSH/KFT 19360, Steffany Von Friedheck VDH/KFT 19361 and Schneeflockchen Von Friedheck-1/20/1984 VDH/KFT-19362. A tri color female.

Darling VDH/KFT-13000 and Dinie VF VDH/KFT-11186 came  Diavolo-Bianco VF-KFT-20172,Diavoletto- Bianco Von Friedheck- VDH/KFT-20173 and De-Lorenzi-Bianco VF-KFT-20174   Born 07/16/1984

Darling Von Friedheck 13000 and Quecksilber Von Friedheck KFT-12214 came  Fabiola VF-KFT 20179 and Fanny VF –KFT 20180 born 08/05/1984

Darling Von Friedheck-13000 and Fru-Fru von Friedheck-13197 came  Guido von Friedheck-20364, Graziella II von Friedheck-20365 and Grand Pom-Pom von Friedheck-20366

                                                The start of the Schnee(Snow Yorkies)

  Mr Biewer named all the puppies that were tri colored with the prefix Schnee meaning Snow except for Grand Pom pon.

From my research here's where it becomes more difficult to follow  the pedigrees  of the dogs that are ACH registered, Some of the ACH numbers are not available due to the split up of the club.  The Tri colors that were born from 2 traditional color Yorkies with no tri color in the pedigree were registered VDH/KFT.  If one or both parents were Tri-color or had tri in the pedigree then they were registered ACH.  Some have the Fried Number which is possible was his own records. 

Schneeflockchen Von Friedheck Tri/F 1/20/84 VDH/KFT-19362 by Darling VF xFru Fru VF

Grand Pom Pon Von Friedheck Tri/F 8/27/84 VDH/KFT 20366 by Darling VF x Fru FRu VF

Schneerose Von Friedheck Tri/F FRIED 001 by Darling VF x Grand Pom Pon VF

Schneewolf Von Friedheck Tri/M FRIED 007 by Darling VF x Iwy VF

Schneeanemone Von Friedheck Tri/F VDH/KFT 22039 by Darling VF x Nanuck VF VDH/KFT 16662

Schneewirbel von FriedheckTri/M 1986 by Diavoletto BiancoVF x Grand Pom Pon VF                   

Schneewieselchen Von Friedheck Tri/F 9/29/86 by  Diavoletto Bianco VF x Schneeanemone VF             

Schneediavolo Von Friedheck Tri/M 9/19/87 ACH 881543 by Diavoletto VF x Grand Pom Pon VF

Schneewittchen Von Friedheck Tri/F By Darling VF x Schneefloeckchen VF

Schneeglockchen Von Friedheck Tri/F 11/16/88 

Schneeball Von Friedheck Tri/ M 1988 ACH 882338 by Diavoletto Bianco VF x Grand Pom Pon VF

 Schneeflocke von Friedheck Tri/F ACH 882423 by Darling VF x Fru Fru VF

Schneeglocke von Friedheck Tri/ F 1989 ACH 892907 by Diavoletto Bianco VF x Grand Pom Pon VF

Schneeprinz II von Friedheck Tri/M 8/27/89 VDH/KFT-26928 by Darling VF x Olivia II VF VDH/KFT 19009

Schneerubin Von FriedheckTri/ F 1989 ACH 892908 by Schneewolf VF x Grand Pom Pon VF

Schneestern Von Friedheck Tri/M 6/10/89 ACH 892990 by Schneewolf VF x Schneewieselchen VF

Schneezauber Von Friedheck Tri/ M 2/10/89 VDH/KFT by Darling VF x Daisy VF KFT 17837

Scneexenia Von Friedheck Tri/F 2/10/1989 VDH/KFT by Darling VF x Daisy VF

Schneeflower Von Friedheck Tri/F 1990 ACH 905660 by Darling VF x SimoneVF

Schneewolke Von Friedheck Tri/F 1990 ACH by Darling VF x Simone VF

Schneetigerin Von Friedheck Tri/F 01/1992 ACH 92114 by SchneePrinz II VF x Schneeblume VF

Schneelady Von Friedheck Tri/F 4/21/92 ACH 92422 by Schneeprinz II VF x Schneefloeckchen VF

Schneeboy Von Friedheck Tri/M 5/1/92 ACH 92423 by SchneePrinz II VF x Schneerose VF

Schneemonsieur Von Friedheck Tri/M 8/23/92 ACH 920829 by Schneewirbel VF x Janny VF VDH/KFT20629